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By understanding operator qualifications and characteristics, management contract formats and terms, and systems to oversee and reward operator performance, we can assist owners in selecting the right operator and successfully negotiating the hotel management and other contract.

Hotel management  is the permanent process of optimizing revenues and costs and achieving long-term success through satisfied customers.

We take care about operational analysis and workflow planning, staff planning and recruiting, training and coaching,

sales & marketing planning, maintenance and repair planning as well as scheduling and a special focus on increasing business volume. Also forecasting, benchmarking, overall controlling,  the enhancement of all relevant systems within the hotel as well as quality control are part of our management tasks.

We take care about the following responsibilities when managing our partner’s hotel assets:

* Monitoring of budgets and operational tasks

* Filing of activity reports about every aspect of the facility

* Administration of operating funds

* Control of  all type of  contracts concerning the operation of the facility

* Contract placing and tendering for engineering, building services and so on.