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From the experience here at THI, a credible feasibility study is a critical first step to any development project.

Our studies and business plans provide valuable insights into project viability and are heavily relied upon by owners, developers and any other third party. Most of our work is the basis for investors and owners to help them making financing decisions.  Architects rely on us to be able to plan the facility and infrastructural requirements. Investors and Financing Partners rely on us to make sustainable decisions. We partner with hotel management companies and prepare the basis for their evaluations.

The  feasibility process

As we understand the hotel business and the characteristics of the different markets we operate in, we are able to identify dependencies and to efine strategies for development of projects or – if necessary – a whole repositioning process of properties and whole areas.

Experience to maximize output

Through our familiarity with international trends and the experience in all fields of the development process we aim for the maximizing the long-term competitive advantages as well as the cash flow and resulting value for each of our projects.

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