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Our project experience analysis capabilities strengthen the decision making and planning process for executives and project partners cooperating with us on large scale hotel projects. We are able to identify development opportunities and provide corresponding concept and product positioning recommendations for maximizing project performance.

Our reports are relied upon by developers and investors, they form the basis for architectural briefs as well as for all kinds of reports for the other stakeholders of our projects.

We have more than 20 years of experience with planning of large scale projects. While planners and architects approach projects from design perspectives, we utilize detailed site and market analysis to determine the viable development opportunities justified on the basis of financial and investment analysis.

We incorporate experience from a vast network of multi-disciplined partners organized by us to create comprehensive plans and reports.

* We evaluate the hotel’s positioning in the market.

* Through interviews with managers, department heads and employees we are able evaluate their range of responsibility. We analyze procedures and daily routines of the employes and find ways for optimizing workflows.

* We analyze all types of operating manuals, sales and marketing plans, budgets, policy and procedure manuals, labor agreements, the resumes of key management team members as well as any other pertinent documents that relate to the operation of the hotel.

* We are benchmarking the property’s performance, revenues and expenses through reviews of the all the systems currently in use. The revenue generating capabilities of the asset, cost-containment procedures and cash flow targets and goals are examined and optimized procedures are applied.

Types of Projects

We specialize in new developments and conversions and refinancing of existing projects.

In many cases we also entered the team at a semi-completed phase of the project and led the hotel team for a period of 12 months until all necessary structures were set up and all processes integrated by hotel management and staff.

As markets are constantly changing we support the introduction of international brands in new geographical areas and the merge of traditional elements with current trends to access new target audiences.